The Chef
of the Gourmet Restaurant Le Capella

A Passionate Chef

This is the great return of a legendary Chef at the Chateau de Chapeau Cornu  ! Philippe Barberet is once again in charge of the stoves and has been welcoming you since the end of April 2019 at the restaurant Le Capella to make your taste buds sparkle!

After having worked with Michelin-starred chefs who have transmitted to him the standards and rigor necessary for excellent cuisine and after many years at the head of brigades, Chef Philippe Barberet offers you an inventive and gourmet cuisine based on taste, using fresh, local and, seasonal products.

The Chef's Journey

Our Products

“ The choice of  THE good product is a fundamental element. Fresh and of impeccable quality, it is mainly ordered from local producers. The complexity lies in retaining the original soul of the product while finding the perfect harmony of flavors and aromas to reveal it at its peak. "